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My fear about Tarceva


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My dad has been on 150mg of Tarceva for 4 weeks now and as of late been experiencing SOB more so than usual. My fear is that Tarceca is not working. I have a couple of questions. 1) Has anyone else experienced SOB with Tarceva and had good results? 2) Any ideas of what the Dr. might put my dad on next if the CT scan in a week from now shows growth?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Dear Amanda,

I know others will offer great support and good information regarding Traceva. I just want to offer a suggestion and a tool we have right here at LCSC.

If you click on the Search area at the top of the page and type in Traceva, you will get hundreds of hits regarding Traceva and what others have gone through that have been on it or have a loved one on it. We have had a LOT of talk regarding this drug and what others have gone through with it. You may find some helpful information by doing this.

Best wishes to you and your dad.

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See if you can get him in to be checked, as John said. It may be pneumonia or something unrelated to the Tarceva. My husband was on Tarceva (and Iressa prior to that). When the Tarceva stopped working he went to Alimta and Avastin--you can see in my profile. I hope the Tarceva works for your dad.

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