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finally a glimmer of hope with brain mets.

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We had all of our scans last thursday, my husband has sclc with mets to brain and liver, they stopped chemo to possibly try something new because the primary tumor in the lung has shrunk but new small lesions have shown up in both lungs,. but, today we got the brain mri results and in the beginning we had 10 lesions on the brain, the report says the only visible tumor is the biggest which has shrunk significantly. It feels good to finally have some good news, the docs said to bring extra ears to our appt. tomorrow to talk about the lungs, so i hope they will offer us further treatment. when do they discontinue trying chemo? we had 3 rounds of etopside, and carboplain? and these are the ones that did not work so well.

I hope this gives someone hope as well that every now and then something good happens, because i was starting to not beleive that.

Thanks for listening


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Hi Loretta,

I'm so happy you finally got some good news. I know exactly how you feel. At first, we felt like every time the docs told us something new, we went home feeling worse than we did when we got there.

Hang onto that good news. Keep us posted on the new treatment stragegy.

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Good news is always welcome, yes? I am happy you have received some. So are they doing radiation on the brain? Typically they do 6 rounds of the original chemo regimine of carboplatin and etoposide for sclc. I would be really interested in hearing if your husbands oncologist has another approach.

Stay positive and appreciate every day to the fullest.


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