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The gift of sight


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....When Carlton died, I made the decision to donate his corneas to the New England Organ Bank, it wasn't a difficult decision at all, I knew that Carlton would not have argued with me.

...A few hrs after he died the Organ Bank called me, and I answered several questions about Carltons' health and various life history. I knew his corneas were the only thing that could be donated due to the cancer.

...I wanted them to let me know if they were transplanted and if they weren't able to I didn't want to know...

Today in the mail, I received a letter from the organ bank, they wrote to tell me that both of Carltons' corneas were given to 2 women from Florida. It was both joyful and sadness. Because of Carltons' death 2 people were given the wonderful gift of sight. Yet, it hit me hard as a reminder of him being gone.

I showed my girls the letter when they got home, my oldest was so happy, she had tears in her eyes, my youngest, while still kind of young to comprehend, I knew she was proud of her daddy too.


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I find it so admirable that you were able to be so caring and giving as to donate two of Carltons corneas in the midst of his passing. It is just a testament to the kind of giving, loving person that you are - in the process of going through your own grief, you were still looking to help someone else. God Bless You and I am sure that the two fortunate recipients hold you and Carlton in their prayers each and every day. Love, Sharon

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