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22 months and counting down.....


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Well my mom went to see her oncologist today to follow up on her shaking and headaches. Which we never were able to get her blood tests done because they were so expensive so he put her on a beta-blocker which has helped soooo much that she rarely has her shaking and if she gets a headache it goes away really quick.

The best part of it all is that the Dr said to her that she is 22 months out from last treatment and that normally he keeps pts around for 3 years but that he is going to be selfish and keep her for 4 years but in 26 months she gets to ring there bell. Their bell is a big bell by the reception area that you get to ring when you no longer have to go back you are suppose to ring it so loud the whole building hears it then they all cheer and then you NEVER go back :D:D:D:D That just sounds so wonderful.

Well little update mom and dad going to Hawaii again in May (they went last May as well). My mom has went and had her hair permed and highlighted and she looks just as I remember. For awhile she just didn't seem to care to take care of herself even after treatment but now she looks wonderful.

Sorry I haven't posted much but between ing ready to go back to school for nursing, having my daughters birthday in January, my sons birthday on St Patty's day and working on my business from home, going to and from little league and kindergarten and working weekends my life seems to be a little chaotic and I am looking to find a evening job :twisted:

Thank you and once again I am praying for a cure!

Much love, thoughts and prayers


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