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Update on me..


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I havent posted a new thread since everything happened. And you all may not remebr me, I was only a member for a few weeks.

My Daddy passed away Dec. 27th. I had came back to Japan for Christmas and he had a stroke while I was home. Things got really bad Christmas Eve and all of hte travel agencies here were closed. So when we finally got tickets an hour before takeoff. I called to let them know I was on my way, and he died about an hour later.

It sucked, it jsut sucked, thats all I can say right now. It was almost another 24 hours (We had a looong layover in Tokyo) before I found out. We landed in Atlanta and I called from the baggage claim area. Not a great place to get the worse news ever. I just couldnt believe how the world was still switling and bustling around me. I wanted everyone to stop.

So, after getting a rental we drove about halfway home and decided to stop for the night, we were exhausted. Th enext morning we drove on home, and went straight to the funeral home to make arrangements.

His best friend read the eulogy and he did the best job possible. My 6 year old son had a very hard time. He still has his days. My now 3 year old thinks Papaw is still at the 'doctors' I wish he would remember something besides that, but right now that is his only memory.

Tomorrow is his birthday and he would be 50.

Sorry I havent posted in a while, I have tried to keep up with everyone though.

I know I am in major denial, being so far from home it doesnt seem I have to deal with it here. I have gotten out hte cards from the funeral home 3 times to write out Thank Yous and I just cant do it.

I am also pregnant right now, and due any day, so hopefully when baby is born, horomones will get back on track, and everything will get better.

Thank you all for your advice and support during his illness.

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we do what we can when we can. Things go at different paces for Grief. Denial is just a phase that we go through with this. THings will move on eventually. Just let it happen when it happens. Don't force the grief or anything. You and the family are doing just fine. Your 3 year old will have things progress for whatever reasons whenever, if you know what I mean. sending Prayers for a Happy and healthy addition to your Family and May this special event in life bring you much joy also.

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Gosh my heart just goes out to you with the pregnancy and missing your Daddy and being so far away from everything.... Our scenarios with our parents were really similar and I just know how hard it is to have all those balls in the air and no time to process it.

I'm so very sorry that your Daddy is gone, and that you were in transit at the time. I can't imagine how that hurts.

We're here for you to lean on.

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My heartfelt sympathies at the loss of your dad. I was overseas when my dad died and I missed the funeral and everything. You can get through that, believe me. I am happy for you in your expectant state. I hope that will bring you joy. Having a wife and kids helped me move on with my life. Blessings. Don

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I'm so sorry to hear of your dad. Thoughts and prayers to you...

There are a few of us here who lost a parent when we were pregnant, please feel free to post or PM if you need support. It helped me when I lost my mom. Your kids are the same age as mine. It's very difficult and bittersweet, I know...

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I am so sorry so hear about your dads passing and all you went through to try to get home. That hurt the most not being there when he passed. But perhaps that is what he wanted. You being pregnant he may not have wanted you see see him when that happened.

I just know you are grieving and I am so sorry for that.

I am however excited about your new arrival. I know you dad will be looking down upon with a big grandpop grin when that day arrives.

Hang in there, peace be with you.

Let us know when you have that beautiful bundle of joy!


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I am so sorry to hear that your dad passed away. I can feel your sadness . At times , grief can be so overwhelming and I am sure your hormones are not making things easy. Such wonderful news that you are expecting soon. Sending prayers for healing for you and for a very healthy baby . Please keep in touch and let us know when the baby is born



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