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New Rollercoaster Ride


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Hi All;

I've been in and out of the boards for a while now. Been so tired because of the Radiation that I couldn't get motivated. Finished my last treatment on Tuesday. The last scans show the nodule is smaller and not as dense so that is a good thing. Now I've got a new little critter to worry about. Seems that because I have some headaches and my vision is funky my ONC wanted another brain scan. And since the MRI is always backed up they decided on the CT for now. Well as my rollercoaster luck would have it there is a spot on my brain that they are going to have to look at. The ONC called this morning so down and sounding depressed because he had to tell me this news. Ordered an MRI for Monday and another meeting with the Radiation Oncologist. Thought I was done with those people, guess not. But fear not my friends it's not time for me to go so I am fighting this one like all the rest. Just don't like the Steroids. I'll let you all know the results after the MRI.


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