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29 Years.....


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Tommorrow, March 17th, would have been our 29th wedding anniversary, if Dennis had lived. Even though four years have passed, I still miss him terribly and tommorrow will be especially hard for me. My boys always make plans for us to do something as a family on March 17th, as they know how hard the day is for me. As I think about tommorrow, I am so grateful for all my friends on this board. Each of you is truly my hero, as I know the pain you have all encountered while dealing with this horrible disease. Thank you so much for caring!!!

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Last Nov. was Ken's & mine 29th too. I guess it is something we will always keep track off. I was born on my parents first wedding anniversary. I always wish my mom "happy anniversay" even though my dad died 12 years ago. It's sweet that your boys look out for you. Laura sent me flowers. It is still a special day, so Happy Anniversary!

Karen H

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I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Ann.........well, today too, as a matter of fact. A St. Patrick's Day anniversary!!! If I had green beer I would toast with it. Your kids are very special guys, indeed. I hope you feel somehting very 'special' in the air tomorros.



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Thanks to all of you for all the supportive words you sent my way. Although the day was very hard for me, I was able to spend a lot of time recalling happy memories and was even able to laugh. Little Ella, my four month old grand baby, spent a lot of time with me that day. You know, when I look into her eyes, I just have to believe that somewhere in time she has met her grandpa Dennis. You guys have always been such a great source of support for me when the going gets tough. I will never fail to thank God for bringing us together, to help each other deal with the fate we have been given.

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