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Anyone fighting for or been refused Tarceva in the uk?


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Hi Dawn,

I am in the process of fighting for this Drug for my husband. I have involved our local MP who has contacted the PCT in our area asking why my hubby cannot have this drug.They came back with this, "Dr has not asked the PCT for this drug", they said that the drug only suits certian people. The oncologist was willing to write us a prescription for us to buy this drug ourselves so there fore he must meet the criteria, he in fact said that he was a good candidite. But said that NICE guidelines had not approved the drug. My MP said that the decision is not down to NICE the decision is the PCT's I am now chasing it up. I will let you know how it goes.



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Thanks - let me know how you get on. Everything is always such a battle isnt it - I wish life was more simple !!!

They told me that because my Dad has Squamous cell NSCLS and is an ex-smoker(30yrs ago he gave up)that it wouldnt help him - I have read posts here tho of similar cases to my Dad and Tarceva has helped !!

Best of luck to you and your husband in your fight,

Dawn x

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If I can help with anything from the other side of the pond drop me a note. Will be happy to do what ever I can to help. I am apalled at this whole issue but do not know what I can do. Hate to just sit by and watch this unfold this way. Sending Prayers for good luck getting this through the system.

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I have been involved with this for awhile now. Obtaining tarceva on the nhs is difficult. I have lobbied my mp had letters from ministers and have been exchanging emails with NICE. Have made little progress. I was at a function at the House Of Lords this week in connection with the Roy Castle Foundatin (uk lung cancer charity) I spoke to a quite a few people on this issue. There needs to be a noisy co-ordinated campaign. Tarceva is not the only issue. Avastin is showing promising results for some, no chance in the uk.

I would be happy to share, help organize etc. PM if you have any interest.


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Hiya Jennie,

Just wanted to say thank you and that it was lovely talking with you today. You were so informative and ever so helpful. Thank you for checking out the website and for your support x


Thank you for your support too!

If anyone else fighting for Tarceva on the NHS would like to check out the support website I have put together fighting for this cause please take a look.


Take care all



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