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reality hits again


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Well It is snowing so hard in NH today. My mom hated snow and I do too so usually during a storm i would call her and ask how the weather was "down there"(only 45 minutes away) She would always say the same thing" pretty messy here how about there?' then we would talk and witch about how awful winter was and how we would love to live somewhere that it never snows. Then laugh because we both knew that we would never really choose to live anywhere but New England. I thought that I had made it thru a day without missing her until I thought to call to check on her and dad and make sure all was good.. and then ***SLAP*** reality strikes again. I cant bring myself to call Dad because Im afraid Ill cry and I dont want him to be sad and worry about me. I hate when reality hits!!!! Oh well maybe tomorrow will be a cry free day. One day at a time.

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I hear ya...this weather (and taking care of her house in this weather) woul have been driving her crazy, but she'd be so excited Spring is around the corner.

Even being snowed in...I think of having a hot chocolate in my chewbacca mug and watching Star Wars...

Pretty much everything makes me think of her.

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