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Picture of me and my surrogate

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So many of you have been with me through my two years of fertility treatment. Thank you for your support and encouragement :)

We finally gave up and went with surrogacy. I wanted to share a photo of me and my surrogate Randi. Randi started off a stranger hired by a surrogate agency and now we are the closest of friends! Ironically we met one day before my dad's shocking LC diagnosis.

Elizabeth Hope and Jacob Andrew are due in early July :)


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YOU have the glow of a mother-to-be, for sure, Andrea. I can hardly wait for the arrival.

My baby shower gift of sorts.....a little note to the babes ~

Dear Elizabeth Hope and Jacob Andrew,

I hope as you grow you realize what a wonderful mother (and dad) you have. If you are lucky, you will inherit her good heart and giving nature. You will be a good friend to people, and a caring one too. I hope your days are filled with so much love that you have to give some away.....just as your parents have done so often. I am wishing you the very best for your entire lives. You are very blessed.

Much love to you babies,


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Awwww.... you guys look like you're beaming in that pix. Hope things go smoothly as things progress.

(Randi must be pretty long waisted cuz she sure doesn't look all that big yet. Lucky her -- it'll come in handy down the road. :D )


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