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11 months


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I visited this site before my mother passed away last April and I've been keeping up with everybody and reading the posts. Everyone here helped me so much when I was dealing with Mom getting sicker each day and as I sit here by myself...I'm finding myself drowning in grief as it gets closer to the one year anniversary. I don't know how to deal with this. I miss her every minute of every day. I have a brother who tells me it is time to be "over" the death of our mom. How can I ever "get over" the loss of my best friend and mom? I feel so alone and I can't talk to my Dad about this because I know he feels the loss even more than I do. I hate this. Why isn't she here? I feel like my family is falling apart little by little. We were such a close family and it seems like we can't be in the same room anymore without fighting about something. She was such a strong woman...she shouldn't be gone amd my fmaily shouldn't be like this...

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The first hurts a lot, THe second I think Hurts, but not as much. It Still hurts. Everyone is different in their grief. On e of the Grief Sites I visit sometimes is Beyond indigo.com. Here si a link if you are interested;


This may help some. I do not know. I understand the fear and the not knowing how to cope. There is a difference in Losing ones Spouse and Ones Parent. But either way there is a loss of a person whom was very dearly loved by many.

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Is amazing how one person can be the "glue" that holds the family together isnt' it?

Daddy always say Mom was our "glue"... but, now that he is gone, I can say things are not quite what they were. Not that things are bad... but, he would have put a stop to some of the events that have occured since his passing, if ya know what i mean?? He was a strong man who spoke his mind, and I think sometimes, a family needs someone like that to keep everyone "in check".

And.... you grieve at your own pace... never worry about what someone else expects from you... Love, Sharon

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