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CarePages...Get one!!


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Don't forget that we have partnered with CarePages to provide all of our LCSC members a blog and central location where you can share your story and personal thoughts on a webpage all your own- even upload all your pics!!!

It's easy, just click at the top on the logo that says carepages and sign up for your own webpage. We (LCSC) will also be the featured lung cancer resource!!!

If we get enough users who blog, CarePages (TLContact.Inc.) will make a donation to lung cancer research!!!

It's win win! They already have over 1 million bloggers which consist ONLY of patients and of family memebers and they cater to hospitals and clinics and now US!!

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I'm a caregiver that took advantage of the carepages website when Katie first mentioned the affiliation.

I can say that it has been a wonderful way of communicating with family and friends who want to follow Tony's journey.

It is very easy to set up, so don't be shy! :wink: It takes very little time and in turn saves me a BUNCH of time by not having to make phone calls, etc. to keep people updated.

Thanks again Katie! :D:D


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OK, even though I'm the worst at keeping up with the site and letting people know what's going on, I signed up for a page. Do you think we could have a way of finding out what pages people have started so that we can visit each other's pages? I'm hoping that we can get enough people to do this so that we can have some serious donations for our LCSC.


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I've started one for Harry, but since I'm still on a dial-up connection, it's "slow going" on posting pictures. I'll get them one at a time if need be.

I'm not exactly sure how to post the address to it though. Do I just put the Care Pages address, and then insert the name of the page, or do I copy and paste that entire long "gobbly-gook" address that belongs to the page itself? :wink:

Thanks! I think it's a nice idea to be able to do this.

Take care,


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