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Doesn't Look Like Bone Met


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I get to post here finally! :D

My dad's shin bone has been giving him trouble since his diagnosis. Although the shin doesn't seem to be a common bone met (as I noticed here), I was still worried to death about it. He saw his doc today and the doc said that his x-ray looked normal. It's probably just arthritis or something. Thank God! Now I can enjoy the rest of my evening.

As I speak, my dad is at work setting up the voting polls for tomorrow and still has a great appetite. My sis is visiting from college and we all had great family time over the weekend. For the first time, things felt almost normal. I remind myself to count my blessings everyday and that if you praise God for small things maybe he will bless you with bigger things.


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Glad to hear it turned out to be nothing. Sounds like a good family time. Enjoy! A little bit of "normal" goes a long way.

(Also glad to know that others get into worry mode like I do over little things! Can't help myself, it is what I do best. :oops: )


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Mets to shin are not common. And it is good that x-ray came out ok. But I wanted to make a remark here

that some women made to me some months ago and it really helped my mother. Generally, bone mets are not

going to show on x-ray unless there is already a 50% or more destruction of the bone. We have seen it ourselves. That is my mother found out that last september that her PET scan lit up on one rib (she had breat cancer five years before that). SUV was 3.

Her onc ordered x-ray. It showed nothing and my mother was so happy. Well... when women at the breast cancer support group told me to get MRI or bone scan we did. And it turned out that her rib is actually quite damaged from cancer. Good news is that

we are able to control it with femara.

But rib is a common site for met but shin is not...

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