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isnt it funny?


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Isnt the way we react to things funny? I had to bring our main computer to be repaired today. So off I go thinking it will be a simple thing..my husband had alredy called and set things up so the man there says to me that my husband said not to backup the info on it as nothing was really that important and we had copies of stuff anyway then it hit me that I had photos of my mom on it. I practically bit the mans head off and told him that under no circumstances could I lose those photos. Anyway the thing is, I have all those on my other computer and on a disk but the thought of my moms photos being lost in cyberspace somewhere sent me into a panic. when I left I sat in the car and cried for a few minutes and I know he could see me and must have been thinking I was a loony toon.The look on his face was kinda amusing now that I think about it. I thought it was supposed to get easier with time (thats what they all say) I miss her so much. I feel like I should be ok and ready to be some help to someone else living this nightmare but I dont know.

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Yes -- we do strange things after losses!

I really went around the bend with a big-screen rear projection TV that my Dad had bought for my Mom's viewing pleasure in 1983. (One of the "early" models -- big as a boat & weighed a ton.) My Mom died in '84 and Dad in '89, so I bought the TV from the estate. It gingerly went through two moves. In the mid-90's one of the three color guns broke and the cost to replace was ridiculous. I was beside myself about booting the TV to the curb. One of my brothers asked what the hell was wrong with me -- it was an inanimate object, NOT my Mom or Dad. He was right. I had placed a lot of sentiment and emotion into something irrelevant, but the heart works in mysterious ways. :oops:

So don't feel bad about photos -- they are important. I would have been sitting in the car next to you doing the same thing! :)

By the way, I love that photo of your Mom and Dad. What a smile!


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