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Pain -----after thorocotomy

Donna G

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Okay.....it is time for me to fess up!!!! I looked up some of those folks..................well..........maybe stalked would be a more appropriate term :? . Rocco lives a little over an hour from me and is living life LARGE. He spent Thanksgiving in Iceland and has taken MANY interesting trips since his dx in '03. He is a great guy and we plan to get together at a midway restaurant some time in the future. He has been a wonderful friend and support to me. Relyag is a lovely 'older' lady who posted for her husband. Unfortunately he was dx VERY late and lost his fight. The others were 'unfindable'. That is all except Calintay who is a GREAT young lady with some dear little children. Also let's not forget kreed (posting for her mom) who lives not too far from Frank in the Pittsburgh area.

I don't mean to scare any of you guys away :shock: . I just poked around early on in my dx after Donna responded and that is what I found. I cannot recall any details about the others. Seems they just faded away. When Rocco contacted me I was ecstatic. I told him I thought he wasn't posting any more because he hadn't 'made' it. He really laughed. He told me he was just too busy having a great time! How about that!!!!

Hey, let's not forget Ellen B who posts for Henk and epritz whose mother had pancoast in one lung and a different tumor in the other! She's in New England and, last heard, was doing pretty darn good.

Love all you guys,


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God bless your memory, dear lady.

Bless all those folks, and every one else on here.

Pancoast tumors are a strange kind of lung cancer defined mostly by location and growth mode, made up of NSCLC tumor.

I remember how much they hurt, and that they can make you a little ditzy because of the calcium level changes.

I'm still here after that turkey sized tumor. Go figger.



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Some people who joined the Pancoast tumor group have not been heard from for a long time!

Gary ( wife is Grammy Bear) has not been heard from since sept. 03.

Rita Bubb last heard from in june 03.

Tracy last posted nov. 04.

Keith not heard from since Sept. 03.

Wish we knew what happened, hope they are fine and have just gone on with life.

Donna G

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Here I am a little late as usual :roll: Anyways what was that about calcium levels Mhutch? My mom recently had been shaking and someone suggested it could be her blood calcium levels not someone but her onc. So now she takes a beta blocker which has helped so much. Seems like there were only 3-4 of us when I joined,where are the other ones?????

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