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The results from my Dad's colonoscopy was good since there wasn't any cancer found on the parts they took to biopsy. Not thought of due to the lung cancer but his cousin just had his colon removed due to cancer tumors last year. He's off milk and other specific foods since he does have something (it's an alphabete soup name) it's equivilent to colitis. This is the stomach pain and constent runs he's had for the past year, the specialist said "come back in 3 years". This is something we know well, IBS, Cronse and Colitis .... this we know how to get pain relief and it's "rules" ..... whew hew!

The count of additional aches and pains has risen this year given bad days with gout in his feet and now a form of "colitis" ..... and his days remain the same. With the nicer weather coming he has plans of going to the kids baseball and ball hockey games as well as his regular routine and visits.

Welcome to spring


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