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I don't know for sure abou IIs. I am a 1a. My onc told me that the first 2 years were the most critical and reoccurance, if it was going to happen, would most likely happen during that time. It can still happen after, but the stats drop down quite a bit.

So I guess, if he is correct, that you can breath alittle easier now (Excuse the pun!) but don't let your guard down just yet.

Another II might be able to help you here..the time frame is probably different for a more progressed stage.

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Guest tcandy214

I HAD STAGE iia lung cancer in right upper lobe 1 lymph node involed had surgery go for ct scans every 3 months blodd work in betweeen had bone and brain scan at 1 year my pushing al the way surgeon said 1 ct every 6 months acs said every 3 months 1st 2 years high reoccurance rate scared to death right now up to 18 months having pain in shoulder i hope the stats drop after 2 years

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