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March 20th 2007


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Dear Heather, Words can not express the pain I feel for you and your boys at this time. I am sorry that Gerald has lost his fight with this angry, angry beast. But he made us proud. So, so proud. He was so strong and courages. I hope he found peace at the end.I walked the steps with him since last September and have been asking God to show us all our roads to follow. He was so lucky to have you with him on this journy. While I have my parents and my children near, I wish I had a soulmate/bestfriend to go through this with. Your love for him could be felt all through cyber space. Every time you spoke of him. I know that he could feel it every time you walked in the room. I will continue to pray to God for strenght, peace and courage for you and your sons while you continue to travel this most difficult road. And I hope that there is sunshine, flowers, rainbows and birds singing when you come out the other side. Hugs, and more hug, Liz

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