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Calling All Michigan Residents--


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Please take the time to support the new legislation for a smoke free Michigan. Legislation is coming to make restaurants and other places smoke free. Once at the website below, go to the action center and click e-mail lawmakers-- then click the take action button and fill in your name. We need this to pass in Michigan! Thanks guys.


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Sorry Ry, but I really don't agree with any legislation that infringes on private business. There are many restaurants in my area that are smoke free and I choose to frequent those. I think the marketplace should determine best business practices not the government.

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Sent mine!

Sherri - if you don't want to send an email, don't send an email. Please don't start a debate on politics on someone else's post, it detracts from the original post AND tends to start some very ugly commentary. If you want to debate the topic, start your own post. Fair enough?

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