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Rushed to Dr.


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My dad was rushed to the Dr./hospital this morning. All night he had gurgling in his chest and feeling incredibly week. So far I have found out that his oxygen level is 82 and as he was sitting he got a horrible bloody nose. Why the bloody nose? I'm scared.

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It could be something as simple as his platelets/ blood counts being low. That often will bring on a bloody nose, and cause a person to feel very, very weak (and it's a common side effect of the lovely treatments). If that's what it is, they'll just give him some good new blood, and maybe some fluids, and he'll probably go home feeling a whole lot better.

((((hugs))))) to you.

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Hi Amanda,

My mom has had bloody noses (although probably not as severe as you're talking about) from the Tarceva (at least we think) and also a blood taste in her mouth. These side effects are getting better. I'm with the previous poster in thinking he'll feel much better in a few days. Hang in there!!!

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Hi Amanda!

I remember when my mother was first diagnosed with high blood pressure. She got a bad nose bleed that wouldn't quit and had to go to the emergency room to get it packed. I also had nosebleeds after lung surgery. It was caused by the percocet. I don't know if I took them too close together or what but I also have high blood pressure and was told to get off them as they increase your blood pressure. Don't know if your family member takes percocet for pain but it is one possibility. Prayers for you and your family!


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