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Yearly review riff raff over


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I am done with that nasty review business. I wrote up my rebuttal and handed it to her very calmly. She told me in our meeting that I "really screwed up" the lesson. I quietly said to myself, "I've lived through 3 cancers. I've had chemotherapy. Did I harm the children with a so-so lesson on order of operations." I think not. I did not holler, or argue.

I told my friends this observation was like a cut on my arm. The first few days it hurt. Then I put a bandaid on it, and it started to heal. Then the bandaid started to itch, and I just wanted to remove it. And it is off.

Does this make any sense? I want to teach my children to be good citizens, to respect and encourage each other. I want them to enjoy learning, and whether I made a mistake in that lesson, so what? I teach my children that is part of learning.

Thanks for letting me get this out. :wink:

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I want to teach my children to be good citizens, to respect and encourage each other. I want them to enjoy learning, and whether I made a mistake in that lesson, so what? I teach my children that is part of learning.

Thanks for letting me get this out. :wink:

Dear Gail,

I think you are doing a wonderful job with your kids. I think teaching them to be good citizens, to respect & encourage each other, etc. is very important in life. Gail, I THINK YOU DID GOOD!!! I would be GRATEFUL to have had you teach my kids!!

Hang in there!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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I agree with Katie!! Your clear for another year yeah!!!

I was going through my worst time my Mom was being treated, my grandmother died and I was working two jobs when i was back here to compensate for the time off I had to take and the money spent to fly across the country so many times.. It really set me back but i was happy to just be there.. So here i am working to jobs sad and stressed out...on anti-depressants..not sleeping and full of fear.. Everyone told me and my father that we looked terrible and My uncle used to say "Hey Laurie when are you having chemo again?.."

One day my bosses wife comes strolling in with her new red.. convertible looking all relaxed tan and happy :D She doesn't work, goes on 4-5 vacations a year and is completely clueless...and she tells me that I look like I have "no energy " and I need to hire a "personal trainer" and get out there and workout :shock::twisted::evil::twisted:

Sometimes you just have to act like an alien has just landed and entered your world :roll: ...you get through it..shake your head and try to act like it never happened! Lucky for me she got back in her spaceship and headed back to the mall!!:lol::lol::lol:


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Gail, I would LOVE a teacher for my kids that placed an IMPORTANT EMPHASIS on what kind of a person to be. It is all so risky. I worry that the example I set is just not enough. Kids NEED, even THIRST for role models such as yourself. I was just in Barnes and Nobel with my 2 year old, and saw a childrens book titled THE THREE QUESTIONS based on a story by Tolstoy. It really made quite an impression on me and will be sitting between their Easter baskets on Easter morning. It told about what the "important" things are. What the "right" thing to do is, who is most "important" and when is the "right time" to do something. It is a wonderful book. I'm sorry, but I forget, where do you teach, how old are your students?

My daughter starts kindergarden in Sept. and let me tell you, I am so nervous about what type of example that the older kids, and YES the teachers will be setting for her. Kids spend SO MUCH time in school, around the outside influance of the other kids and teachers-and it is so easy to loose them while they are at such an impressionable age. Their personalities are developing, and good role models are crucial to what type of adult they will become.

Its weird, this morning my 4 year old, Gwyneth, asked me "Mommy, what does 'influance' mean" (she'd heard it on one of her disney videos. I thought, and explained (probably poorly) that how one person acts can "influance" or change how another person acts. Sometimes that can be good and sometimes that can be bad. Then I gave her examples of when she is a good influance on her younger sister and set and example of what the "right thing to do" is (ie: sharing, or even singing and dancing) and when she is a poor influance, and sets an example of what is not the right thing to do (ie: being rude).

My point, and I do have one-albeit long winded-is that as a parent I can use ALL THE HELP I CAN GET to produce two human beings with INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, and that have enough self-respect to get them out of some tight situations. I would be grateful for an influance such as yourself in their lives, Gail. Parenting is hard enough with all the poor examples in the media, we need REAL PEOPLE that will help us mold our children. That old saying "it takes a village to raise a child" was never more true. I'd be relieved to have you in my village. Take care, Deb

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You are all so wonderful. I know this is just a little pebble to kick out of the way. I keep waiting for God to show me why this is happening this year, but I also am waiting for the why's of cancer, so . . . :lol:

It helped me to write the above, and reconfirm what I've always felt about my job. (5th grade). It's not what I teach, it's who I teach. I have always felt I teach children, not curriculum. (Can I get fired for saying that) :P

Deb, your kids will be fine in school. It is very scarey to let them go. I was the worst mother---scared those teachers to death.

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