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Not looking good.

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My dad was admitted to the hospital today with an oxygen level of 83. After a chest xray and a CT scan, it was confirmed that he has pnemonia related to the cancer that has now also spread. (The Tarceva did not work :( ) The doctor hopes to get the pnemonia cleared up and have him home by Friday, but I just don't know. He couldn't even sit up to eat some cheerios. This is the worst I have ever seen him or heard him. When he breathes it sounds like he's blowing bubbles under water. I just don't know what to do or say, I'm somewhat numb, but also so scared. My mom talked to the nurses and his oxygen is currently hovering between 93 and 94. Anyway, I'm sorry to ramble, I'm just trying to get it out.

:cry: Amanda

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Phnemonia can pass quickly, it took a week in the hospital for my Dad, so I'm sure it's very possible for your Dad .... spring is here and the flowers are coming to inspire everyone to get out of bed!!!!

Here's wishing the best for you and your Dad.


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