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Low Blood Counts


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Hello All,

Yesterday was to be the third week of treatment (Topotecan) and then off one week. WBC and Platelets too low, so no chemo. Off for two weeks. Bill is happy he's getting a two week break. He feels pretty good except for the fatigue, which is very managable.

So, today we're heading out in the RV for a 12 day trip to wherever we end up. No definite plans, just "gettin' out of Dodge"

It's interesting that he's told he has incurable SCLC because of mets to some bones and he's feeling better than he has in awhile. Makes you wonder if treatment is a good thing or bad. Meanwhile, we're enjoying life. I hope many of you can say the same.

God bless you all and I'll continue to watch the boards while on the road.


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I heard that Topotecan will do this to a person. It causes severe neutropenia, however this tells you how well it could be working. Tell him to stay strong, and try not to think about bad stuff while you're vacationing. It's hard, I know.

Good Luck to you guys.

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