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I'm angry about the recurrance of Elizabeth Edward's breat cancer. I'm angry that she has to deal with this awful disease, but I'm even more angry that there is now another prominent woman with breast cancer. There will be more walks, more pink ribbons, more raising awareness. And yet, Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the US. More women will die of lung cancer than will die of breat, ovarian and cervical cancers combined. A great deal more money is spent per breat cancer death than per lung cancer death in this country.

I hate the fact that it feels like we are pitted against the other cancers in the race for funding, But look what increased funding has done to improve early detection and survival rates for breast cancer. My own mother is a 7 year survivor of breast cancer. But now she has a completely different cancer and no one has devoted the time or the money or the awareness to finding the cure of lung cancer.

I'm angry because I feel like we are going to be lost again. . .

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I very much understand the fear and frustration you express... and yet, I'm encouraged.

I guess because when I joined the site in 2004 I didn't see much about LC at all, and little by little the message is getting out there.

I echo Katie and hope that this will bring awareness to cancer period. And you know... though their cure rate is encouragingly high those with breast cancer still need people fighting for them. Otherwise, the Edwards family wouldn't be in this situation.

I just plan to keep letting everyone know that LC needs people fighting for it too!!!

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[ Treebywater ] I very much understand the fear and frustration you express... and yet, I'm encouraged.

A rising tide lifts all ships. Emphasis on colon cancer a few years back produced Avastin, which is now approved and very effective for many with lung cancer. The fact that we "don't get no respect" (a la Rodney Dangerfield) maybe causes us to try harder, and that might produce a benefit for some other form of cancer that gets even less respect. Aloha,


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Being From The same state, My heart and Deep prayers goes out to ELIZABETH EDWARDS. Can not make my opinion of how John Edwards is not healthy at this Time and Juncture. PRayers for Elizabeth and Children!! We will see about John down the Road.

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I also share your frustration. My mother is a six year breast cancer survivar and when she got sick there was so many places and very active message boards I could go to for information and support.

When my father was sick the situation was completely different. One obvious aspect is the dismal prognosis. People with lung cancer live for such a short time and waste away so fast that you just do not see many survivors fighting for lung cancer research, funding, etc. It is all up to the families it seems.

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Breast cancer is no walk in the park either. It does still kill plenty of people, and I will tell you what brought it to the forefront and what keeps it there---strong, unrelenting ADVOCACY by the sister of a victim.

Look guys, I've had both breast and lung cancer and my sister just passed her one-year survivor mark from breast cancer. To us, breast cancer is not something we're irritated about because it gets a lot of attention, it's just another dreadful disease that no one deserves. We personally worry about risk of recurrence and that our daughters and nieces will have to suffer this as well.

It absolutely breaks my heart that Elizabeth Edwards is suffering a recurrence and, on a selfish note, it shakes me to the bone as I sweat out the results of my own mammogram that I had the day before all this news broke about her.

I am all in favor of advocacy for lung cancer, and all other cancers for that matter, but please don't think that breast cancer deserves any less attention that any other cancer.

The fact is, that any form of cancer should be the enemy to us, and that although research $$$ are certainly lacking for lung cancer, we need to continue to take our stories public and get more for our cause, not criticize the other advocacy groups.

I think Katie and Ned are on the right track here....this should bring cancer of all types to the forefront and maybe that rising tide will lift all ships.


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You know, I felt like a cad when I posted this message, but the more I think of it, the more I'm inspired to write an op-ed or something.

It's not that I want to trivialize breast cancer (or any other of the "women's " cancers)--heaven knows every woman in my family has had breast cancer (and deep, deep down, I am wondering if the radiation treatments from my mom's BC might be the cause of her lung chancer). But, the fact still remains that lung cancer will kill more women that breast, ovarian, and cervical cancers combined.

I also understand that many of the most effective treatments for lung cancer were developed to fight other cancers (I believe the regimen my mom is on--carbo and taxol was used originally to fight ovarian cancer). BUT, maybe we'd have better survival rates if there were more research devoted to treating the unique features of lung cancer. That's all I'm saying.

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Guest Nic

I just stumbled upon this topic more than a month after it was started....but I have A LOT to say, so bear with me!

Hi, I'm Nicole. I want to join in the constructive anger and frustration movement with you all. I am 23, my mother (60) was diagnosed in Feb. '07 with stage 3B/4 NSCLC. She has never smoked a cigarette in her life. I am now completely aware that that piece of information is neither here nor there when it comes to actually getting the disease, HOWEVER, I do think that this is a detail that certainly needs to be brought out more in the open when we discuss this disease in the public forum. The truth is, the negative stigma attached to this type of cancer hurts us all. We need money for finding the cure to this disease, we need money for making this disease a CHRONIC condition UNTIL we do find a cure to this disease, and, I truly believe that we need money to understand better WHY it is that non-smokers get this disease, as well. I reiterate that I am an advocate for all persons diagnosed with LC, but I must admit that my heart has an extra break in it, of course, for my own mother, never-smoker.

My mom is participating in a clinical trial (of XL647) at University Hospitals of Cleveland in Ohio, and I have been with her at every single treatment day, and I plan on never missing a day. Today at UH I left her room while she napped, and I went to the little family sitting area, and I just cried....and cried and cried and cried. And then I cried some more. I was tired, sad, frustrated and ANGRY. I wiped my nose and found my mom's (very very sweet and helpful) research RN who has been in the profession for awhile, and I asked her for help and advice. I told her that I wanted to make some noise about this disease and about the disparity in the allocation of money for this cancer and others, and that I needed her help. I needed to know where to begin, and I said I would devote my voice to the cause, at least in our area. I cried as I asked her, "Susan--why is it that I don't know what color the lung cancer awareness ribbon is? Why do I not know what color the pancreatic cancer awareness ribbon is? Stomach cancer? Esophogal cancer?" The point is, I mean NO DISRESPECT whatsoever--please believe me--to any other cancers, breast included, but WHY is it that a person is just plain screwed if he or she doesn't get diagnosed with one of the more 'popular' types of cancer? This is not high school; this is no popularity contest. This needs to stop. We all know that.

Now, sure I talk a big game, but the truth is, I'm not at all sure what to DO about the whole thing. All I do know is this: I am p*ssed off, I have degrees in Political Communication, Health Education and Wellness, a big loud mouth, I'm stubborn as a muel, and I have a mother for which I would GLADLY jump in front of a speeding UPS truck, who is now suffering from NSCLC. I am ready to do something, everything....as much as I possibly can. I'm not screwing around, and I know you guys aren't either. Let's make some noise for the people that we are, the people that we LOVE, and those that we do not even know. It's time.

my email address is nf337502@ohio.edu or, if you wish, you can PM me and give me suggestions, comments, ideas, constructive criticism, etc. I live in Cleveland, Ohio (as I said), more specifically in Highland Heights/Mayfield Village area. I already have a few ideas in mind on where to start. I have recieved letters from my local congressman for being on the Dean's List in college, and they always say at the end: "Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future for any reason...." and I think this could be a great place to begin. Also, my dad is friends with the mayor of Beachwood, a neighboring suburb, and that's another idea I've got. A social worker at UH just told me to call up a local news station and say that I want to promote my cause. I also have some contacts at a radio station where I did an internship last year....the wheels in my head are turning now....

"If the facts don't fit the theory, CHANGE THE FACTS."

~Albert Einstein~

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