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Going to Washington D.C.


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Dear Katie Brown,

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) cordially invites you to participate in LIVESTRONG Day in Washington, D.C., as a representative for your state. Please confirm your acceptance of this invitation by Friday, March 30, 2007, by completing the registration process here [link].

LIVESTRONG Day delegates from every state will arrive in Washington, D.C., on Monday, May 14, and will receive a full day of advocacy training on Tuesday, May 15. The training will provide you with important cancer-related information to prepare you for meetings with congressional leaders and will offer you an opportunity to connect with other cancer advocates.

On Wednesday, May 16, you will meet with your representative and senators to share your cancer story and urge Congress to support legislation that benefits the cancer community. LIVESTRONG Day activities in Washington, D.C., will conclude on the evening of May 16 following meetings on Capitol Hill. By agreeing to participate as a LIVESTRONG Day delegate, your time commitment for this event includes attending all planned LIVESTRONG Day activities while in Washington, D.C., beginning the evening of May 14 through the evening of May 16.

We hope that you will accept our invitation to participate in LIVESTRONG Day.

I did! I'm alittle apprehensive but very excited too!!

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Wow Katie - that's great and exciting news!

I'd be a little apprehensive too, but you'll do great - I mean, they give you a full day of training before they set you in front of congressmen and representatives :lol:

Seriously, I'm sure you're more than prepared already and you'll do a fantastic job. Good luck.


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Wow, what a great honor Katie! You've turned heads somewhere. You've put lung cancer on the menu, not that we want for dinner, but it desperately needs support on a congressional level.

Take along a few Xanax's, bring your speech writer and know we will all be with you in spirit! Congratulations and thanks again for your amazing work!

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You go , girl!!! You are going to be awesome!!! I went to LIVESTRONG yesterday and something made me sign up to be an advocate. I believe that God is "leading" me on. Let us know all about it and I hope that I will be sent to join you there next year.

Hugs, Liz

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