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Trying to stay calm

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I am pretty upset so hope this makes sense.

Talked to my mom last night and she said when she went to the bathroom and there was blood. She said she thought *it was vaginal* (she had a total hysterectomy yrs and yrs ago for a benign fibroid)

She couldn't remember if it was brownish or bright red in color.

She made an appointment with her GYN for this morning and just called me. Apparently, she has a *tumor* (her words) BUT she got so upset that she did not even ask where. The doc examined her vaginally and rectally. She thought maybe rectal but really doesn't know. GYN doc said to make an appointment with her primary care doc which I don't understand but she was so upset I am not sure how much she understood. I hate that she is scared.

I just put a call into Kaiser and they will get a hold of the GYN doc and hopefully he will call me and at least give me *some* idea of what she is dealing with. I also emailed her Radiation Oncologist as he and I communicate every few months via email and maybe, just maybe he will find out what's going on and call me.

We could use a few prayers...Damn it, I so hate cancer. Praying it's not mets to the colon. My dad died of colon cancer.

Sorry this is so long but I don't know where else to turn. My brother just called and I don't want him freaking out cuz he has MS and all this stress is not good for him..guess it's not good for anyone.

Praying for everyone


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Try not to imagine the worst before you get this figured out. If your mom saw her gyn today, I would imagine he just felt whatever the "tumor" might be. I don't think you can feel colon tumors, although I'm certainly not an expert. It would also be weird to have a colon met, I believe. Praying this is something entirely unrelated and easily resolved. Let us know what you find out.


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no need for apologies at all we understand. Sending Prayers for somegood news about recent developments. Hopefully nothing so serious as cancer and can be taken careof easily and quickly. Hang in there, think Positive.

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Thank you for your prayers. It means a lot.

Don't know too many details other than ma was referred to a gastroenterologist. Most likely, she will have a colonoscopy because a mass was felt :(

Just gonna take this one day at a time and not borrow trouble. (easy to say, huh)

Will update you as soon as I know anything. Kaiser moves slowly so it will be a while I think.

Again, thanks

Hugs and prayers to all


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