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My mom will likely start Tarceva depending on what her scan and MRI show on April 4th. She had 4 rounds of chemo but then needed to have a surgery to remove a brain met so her chemo stopped at that point. She is still doing well despite being terribly weak but there is no SOB and she continues to work. For those who recieved Tarceva after chemo, did your hair grow back while you were on Tarceva? What kind of side effects are most common? Is the rash typically just on the face or on the entire body?

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Yes, my hair did grow back, but was really slow. For example, I normally shave everyday, I could go every other day.

Everyone is different. Most common side effects are rash from barely noticeable to unbearable, diarrhea, and hair grows more course. Dosage varies, 150mg - 50mg. Appearance of the rash is not proof it is working. Do not take blood thinners with it or drink or eat grapefruit.

There is a website that covers it all.

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I have been taking Tarceva since August 2005. I took it with my chemo of Carboplatin and Taxol, and then continued to take it to this day. I take 100mg. I had no bad side effects from the chemo or Tarceva. I never lost my hair. It got a little thin during chemo and then came back thicker than before, but a little unruly. If I don’t drink a lot of water and exercise I might get a soar throat or slight itching. As soon as I exercise the itching will go away. I try to drink an 8 oz glass of water for each hour that I am awake. I also try to sit in a hot tub every night. I think this helps clean out the pores by making you sweat. I don’t know if any of the supplements and herbs do any good, but I keep taking them because of the good results I have had. I do think AHCC helps with side effects. I take 6 grams a day.

We’ll pray that your mom has good results too.

Stay positive, :)


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