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Hello, again


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Hi. I used to be an active member a few years ago when my mother was sick and passed away almost 2 years ago.

My husbands grandmother has been diagnosed with lung cancer after they biopsied a piece of her hip bone when they recently did a hip replacement. They did see a spot on her lungs but she is refusing a biopsy of that. The doctor is sure that the cancer in her bones is from lung cancer.

I am kind of out of the loop because my in-laws do not seem to ask many questions of the doctor and do not talk to us in deapth about it. This brings back a lot of feelings and heartache and I know I am going to have to be there for many people.

I just wanted to say hello and i think i may be hanging around for awhile.

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I just want to say thank you. I have been reading up and happy to see some familiar faces here.

I feel bad that I didnt stay around. I just couldnt keep up with so many boards with a busy toddler on my hands and with many other things going on. Moving on has been very difficult. And this, is coming at such a horrible time for me. Moms 2 year Jewish passing date is in a week and grandma has been in the same place mom was at in the end. I cant face going back and its hard to explain to the husbands family because they dont understand that it still hurts just driving by the place.

I am truly glad that I know that there is a place I can always come home to. Thank you.

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