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Highs and Lows, part 542

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We use lots of phrases to describe this journey...rollercoaster, see-saw, etc. I'm back on it, either way.

Mom's primary tumor is just growing out of control, despite her chemo cocktails she has been experimenting with. The tumor is pressing up against the side of her lung, causing her lung functioning to drop to 15%. It also causes her heart to race with any activity beyond walking a few feet.

After consulting with several doctors, they have decided to go ahead with radiation on her lung. For the past two years they have avoided radiation, b/c the tumor is in the 'good' part of her lung--the rest has emphysema, etc. For the past two years we have been told that radiating, and possibly damaging, this part of her lung would be just too risky. Now it is too risky not to, with the growth of the primary.

I'm a bit if a wreck. I feel like everything is escalating rapidly. I am very proud of Mom for wanting to move forward at this stage, and am shocked that, although she is very weakened by the chemo, she still has so much fight in her. She amazes me.

AND THEN...today my younger brother announced that he and his wife are having a baby! It's their first, and they have wanted a baby for so long now, but we had all but given up hope. God works in such clever little ways. Mom is so excited--she said she would cry, but she's afraid she would never stop.

So after a week of virtual despair, hope rears its shy little head. Mom (like the rest of us) has something positive to focus on for a change...something to think about other than cancer.

I think we even feel....happy. Isn't that a kick?

:) Kelly

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That's great for your brother and his wife and gives your Mom even more reason to keep going. There is nothing like a new baby to bring happiness and hope even in the midst of cancer. Hoping that the radiation can shrink that tumor down so your Mom can feel much better.


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