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A Most Beautiful Day.

Sonia Owen

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Our Dad would have been so proud of his family and certainly would have loved the day.

We did the service oursleves.Had his two favorite hymns.My brother did one of the reflections of his life. And my Son did another for all his six grandchildren. We left the service to Celine Dion, singing My Heart will go on.

I thought I would share with you some of our readings.

A bouquet of beautiful memories,

Sprayed with a thousand tears.

You could lift me up and carry me when my best was not enough.

You helped us all at times of trouble when the going just got too tough.

You were my source of inspiration.

You were my friend, my help, my Dad.

You will always be in our thoughts and we loved you.

God saw you getting tired,

When a cure was not to be,

He wrapped his arms around you,

And whispered come to me.

So keep your arms around him Lord,

And give him special care,

Make up for all his suffering,

And all that seemed unfair.

Our memories of you will never fade,

You might be gone, but your love will stay,

And our thoughts will never fade away,

We will always see your star in the sky,

Our Grandad.

Two tired eyes are sleeping,

Two weary hands are still,

You are resting at Gods will.

Grandad, we've all had so many happy years,

Laughs smiles and even probably some tears,

The sunny days out we looked forward to,

And weekend there was always so much to do,

Trips to the seaside, the sweets that you bought,

Always a treat was what we tought,

Sat in the shed for hours on end,

Something to build or something to mend,

Down in the garage repairing the car,

Building a whatnot with tools from a jar,

Collecting the apples and pears from up in the tree,

Cones of ice cream and always a cup of tea,

Then around the table we all sat,

Sunday dinner in the kitchen and mud soaked shoes on the mat,

Then a walk down the road for a few pints of beer,

Always a joke and always a tale,

Then off back home for a sleep in the chair,

These are the days that we would all share,

One day a chance to work in the U S of A,

Off you did go but you never stayed away,

You made our days bright, much more than the sun,

When we think, back and remember you,

We know we won't have to feel so blue,

We'll think back to the happy times we all spent together,

This is how we'll remember you, now and forever.

It was so special to us all, and we look back pride of how Mum and his children looked after him, like he did us when we needed him. He was very proud of us.

I didnot want to leave his flowers,at the crematorium, so we all shared them out between us.

I have mine laying on my front lawn,as I open my curtains each morning I smile when I see them, so perfect, I will leave them there till they fade into the ground.

I wanted to share this with you all as I have shared my feelings over the last few months. Thankyou all.

I am praying for everyone, thinking of Melinda and family right now.

Sonia xxx

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