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How many of us feel this way

Connie B

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Yep Ralph I know of what your saying. Talk about feeling like a numbnuts! :roll::oops: (me)! I do that too! I never fumbled for words or had to figure out what word I want to say or not say. But I do NOW!

Good Luck in the Job Hunting. Just baffle them with charm!! :wink:

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Well son of a gun; and all along I thought I was coming down with Alzheimer's. It's been over a year since I took my last Chemo and I had a follow up exam yesterday and got a clean bill of health from the doctor as far as the cancer is concerned.

Last week I started trying to learn to speak Spanish and am having a heck of a time with just the simplist words.I can't remeber any sentence longer than 4 words.

Now I at least know I'm not alone with this memory problem

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I am glad I am part of this club. OH I will forget in a few minutes I am part of it but someone will remind me right?

Short term memory is my worst. The strange thing is my long term memory is better. I will live in yesterday then. I did have fun in my younger years.

Post it notes must have been invented by someone doing chemo. They are my friends now. I forget to look at my date book lol Good thing the doctors office calls the day before each oppointment.

I said as soon as my hair grows back a little longer I am going to go blonde. Was hoping it would grow back that color but dang if the red didn't come back.

I will be getting one of them shirts that tells people I have chemo brain and to ignore anything I say as I wont remember anyways.

There is a spell check here?


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