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Twice the Fun! 2 yr anniv + the big 70


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I have to share a birthday card I got with Tony. Laughter is good and you will laugh.

The outside of the card has a picture of three men. Early 1900 type photo.

The first man says "My problem? When I wake up at 7:00 it takes me over 30 minutes to pee."

The second man says "My problem? When I wake up at 8:00 it takes me forever to poop."

The third man says "Every morning I pee like a racehorse at 7:00 and I poop like a goose at 8:00!

Then you open the card and see the same photo with the thrid man saying, "My problem is I don,t wake up till 9:00." :lol::lol::lol:

Stay positive,



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Happy birthday Tony and congrats on the 2 years. Deb it is so great to see your happiness.

I just can't believe you won't give me your address so I can mail Tony the 70 sea monkeys... 8)

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