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The proposed 2008 budget sent by President George W. Bush to Congress cuts cancer research funds at the National Cancer Institute and fails to deliver needed increases for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cancer programs.

Funding cuts will slow the pace of advancement against this disease and treatments to help the millions of people affected by cancer. In this year alone we will lose more than 500,000 friends, family and co-workers to cancer — the nation’s second leading killer.

As a nation we have become too complacent about cancer and it is time to rise up and let our elected officials — and the nation at large — know that this is no longer acceptable. Lance is leading an effort to unite all individuals who want to make fighting cancer a national priority. Together we can create significant change and progress in the fight against cancer.

- Lance Armstrong Foundation

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Cutting NCI funds has been done the past few years and I get upset. I have been SUCCESSFULLY treated there for the past almost 2-1/2 years. All the medical professionals there are top notch and the most caring, knowldegable, helpful medical people you could EVER meet. Since it is federally funded, they do not have to adhere to any insurance company regulations ~ hence making tx much more doable than in the public sector. It is a treasure most folks are not even aware of.

My doctor there has taken on a few folks from this board AND follows my niece, Tracy, even though she is not his patient. He reviews all her scans and said he is THERE for her whenever her tx fails her and/or her doc runs out of options. Is that just AWESOME or what?

I definitely want to make my voice heard about this cut in funding, Katie. Let me know what I can do.



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