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Scan results good


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Good news, :) not the best but good. The spot on my hip that had an uptake of 6.5 now has a reduced uptake of 5.9. It has not increased in size. It is a subtle 6mm lesion. My oncologist said that he can’t say that it isn’t cancer and he can’t say that is cancer. He said that it does not act like cancer and that it is too small to do a biopsy. If it was cancer one would think that it would have gotten bigger. So less uptake is good or should I say positive. Check up in 6 weeks another scan in 3 months. How boring life would be if I did not have something to watch Thanks for all the prayers.

Stay positive, :)


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Sounds like less is good to me. Think you and Mrs Ern and the Mooney ovation neeed to watch the skies for a while and relax. :) Thanks for the tip in PM. Let me know how it goes for your friend. 8)

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