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Finding out about test results


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My mom is having a CT scan and an MRI next week to see how things are going since she hasn't had any chemo lately due to recovery time alloted after her surgery to remove a brain met. Usually after she has a scan of any kind she has found out the results at her next chemo appointment. Since she doesn't have any chemo set up right now, do you think they will just call her with the results or do doctors prefer to go over the results in person? I suppose every doctor is different. Just curious what most people's experience is.


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I would call the doctors office and request an appointment sooner and explain why. You can request a copy of your scan and pick it up. I did that because I had to send it to the FAA. I had to wait two weeks because my doctor was on vacation. This time I took the scan on Friday and met with the doc today Wednsday. I will pick copies up tomorrow. I think it is best to go over the scans with your doctor and within a few days of taking them.

Stay positive, :)


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My mom asks that all her tests be faxed to me. It's great when it works out that her Dr. is seeing her shortly after a test, but the past 2 tests she's had a week or 2 until her appointment....I think that's much too long to have to wait. This way, I can look them over and let her know what's going on. Not everyone would be comfortable with that, so if you can get her in to see her Dr. sooner, that's probably a better idea. Shelley

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