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Facial numbness

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Husband Jim informed me last night that his face and skull are numb from his nose around to the middle of the back of his head on the right side. He can hear out of his ear and eyesight is ok. He has had no tests since PET in Sept. except on pelura fluid which is malignant. PET showed nothing in Sept. Could this be something of concern? He won't call dr., has chosen no treatment anymore. Also having new aches from breastbone around to back and in right breast (he had upper right lobectomy 15 months ago). Any thoughts?

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He could very well have a tumor sitting on a nerve. And then it could be God knows what?? If he where my husband I would call the doctor. He could end up having a seizure, if the cancer has spread to the brain. This really isn't something to over look or to second guess. I don't think any of us really could answer this question because we would all be just guessing. It really could be just about anything.

I'm sorry he won't think of doing treatments. I was a stage IIIB also and 11+ years later her I am.

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