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One Year Ago Today


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I really thought that I would be able to get through this day just like any other day, but I can't.

One year ago today Charlie and I sat in a hospital room after my bronchoscopy, which was supposed to show that I did NOT have cancer, and listened to the pulmonologist tell us that I had adenocarcinoma.

One year ago today my familys world was shaken to its core. One year ago today we sat down and told our three little children that mommy had cancer, and we all just cried.

I want today to be over, but that will bring tomorrow, which brings scan results at 9:30. I don't really want to deal with tomorrow either. I hate this all so much.

I have been feeling really well lately and I am expecting the results to be good, but what if they're not? I know, we'll cry a bit, and then we'll pick ourselves up and keep on fighting. Wouldn't it just be great to not have to be fighting?

I'm really okay, I just want today to be over.


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I hear you Tracy - I get scan results Monday, so I'd like to fast forward to Tuesday if possible. Either that or rewind to before there ever was this stupid cancer in our lives. Praying for good scans for you, and even though this day is bringing back bad memories for you, congratulations, you've beat this thing for a year so far - that's good work.

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I hear you too, loud and clear. I remember my first anniversary and I was a mess too.

Then I discovered the wonders of facials :wink:

they take the stress out of everything.

A year anniversary is a very big deal. you done good girl :P


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I hate these anniversary dates too. On one hand you're glad you've made it and on the other it is a reminder of the worst day of your life. You're glad to reach the milestone but don't want to think about the day that changed your life forever. I hope the scans are fine-- I will be crossing fingers for you tomorrow. Let us know.


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I get what you are saying Tracy. I often refer to my old life as B.C. (before cancer) and it makes me sad that there is no going back.

Trust me, congratulate yourself on what you have done this past year. I bet you have found a strength you never thought you had.

As for the scan results, well the best indicator is you. If you're feeling well, it will be ok.

Will be thinking about you,


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OH Tracy. I am so sorry about everything. Cancer sucks. I wish so much for you that you never, ever had to go through all you have.

Please know you have my prayers today. May God wrap you in his arms, hold you tight, and give you hope, peace, and love,


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(((Tracy, Tracy, Tracy))),

You KNOW you are on our minds all the time. We are holding our breath here in PA awaiting word from you. You have done a remarkable job this past year.....teaching many how to travel this road. Normal is now 'different' but, hopefully, can still be good. Your incredible husband and children give the the best tonic there is......a positive reason to get up every day and get on with living.

I told you before about the stats, remember? You are making the NEW stats, and I say GOOD for YOU! We love you so much!

Many many hugs, kisses and love!

Aunt Kasey

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