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Thank you to all LCSC members


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I just wanted to share alittle info with you guys who call LCSC "home".

I've gotten alot of inquires from organizations and start up organizations on "how" we created a website and message board that is so "active" and that generates so much traffic.

Simply put, when LCSC was created, there wasn't a place to go for anyone touched by lung cancer. (There still are very few) So we found each other here.....

Simply put, I said, we have the GREATEST and most DEDICATED members ever!! 8)

Just to share some numbers with you guys,

We have over 288,000 posts on this website.

Our systems adverage the daily numbers quarterly and it works out to 171.45 posts a day.

For all the LCSC members, thank you for your dedication and support for each other!

For all you "newbies", welcome, and jump on in...we are here for you!


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A Big WOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOO out to Katie and Rick both for this wonderful place that it has become today. Thank you both. I had joined other groups but they were not as helpful as this group and that is why I have remained here instead of there. :lol::):D:lol::wink:8)

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I'll jump right in with thanks from my family for this wonderful "home" that has helped sustain us for the past 22 months. Who knows where we might have been without you.

Katie and Rick...I agree wholeheartedly that what makes this place work is the love you two put into it...it shows and we all feel it every time we log in. Thank you, again!

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Katie and Rick,

You deserve the thanks.

In large part I think people gravitate to the friendly design, then of course come back for the friendly people!

I don't know whose idea it was to be able to include pictures, but it was a brilliant idea and it makes a huge difference. Even if someone doesn't put a picture of a person, you still see their personality by what they choose to include.

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