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TOmorrow is Dad's Birthday


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Happy 78 years old it would have been. He has been gone for over 2 months now. I can say it has been easier but sometimes I have some rough moments when I think of WHY my dad! At least I have kept myself busy with graduate school, otherwise I may have gotten into depression. I think we should try to keep busy and try to persevere no matter what. Tomorrow we will give Dad a lot of flowers, especially ones from his garden and balloons. I think he would like that. My mom has taken it pretty hard, she was on valium for a few weeks, now she is getting a bit better. I will try to post here more often as I get more time off from my studies. Good luck to everyone.


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Hi Ray,

Tomorrow may be a rough day for you and your family...I pray it passes easier than you think. You will be in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day.

The"firsts" (first birthday, first holiday without your loved one) are so hard. I wish I had something wise to offer...

God bless,


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I think you have the right idea about keeping busy, at least for a good amount of the time. My husband tries to stay really busy on weekends because during the week he has too much "think time" while on his courier job. You mention graduate studies keeping you busy. I bet that takes up a lot of your time. My husband had a vehicle to work on for about a month, starting on the Saturday before his dad passed away. It sure was a helpful distraction and a good landing spot for some displaced aggression. Now that it is almost fixed, though, and fall and winter are coming I think we are going to hit those rough spots more. It will be 2 months for us on Monday, then we have his parents anniversary October 24 and his dad's "would have been 57" birthday on Nov. 16 plus the upcoming holidays. I used to love this time of year, and so did my mother-in-law. Guess we'll just have to persevere like you said. No other choice. I think family time can always be helpful, even though it brings up the realization of a missing part. We try to make sure we have a funny movie to watch for part of the time. There are always some teary moments but together we will continue to get through our journey here without him. My prayers go out to you and your family as you continue through your journey as well.

Karen M.

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