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Esophagus problems


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Hi there everyone! I just spoke with my mom and she actually asked me to post this question. She would like to know if anyone has started having esophagus problems 2 years after radiation. She says that recently it has been hard to swallow but it is more in the upper chest rather than the throat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. She just had a CT that was clear.


PS: Kasey I told her she could post but she said "oh can you do it for me." I just don't think message boards are her thing :D

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Hi Heidi,

I had esophagus problems, but they came just under the one year mark.....not two. So I don't know.........maybe check in with the radiation onc????

Tell mom I am waiting and will be ready to throw a party when she finally decides to post :lol:

Hope you find out what the problem is.


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Heidi ,

Mike had esophagus problems , but they were due to pressure from the tumor pressing into the esophagus. It did show on Ct scan. He got to a point that he kept belching and belching when he ate and would eventually vomit. He had difficulty swallowing things. The doctor actually stented his esophagus.

This may not be your mom's case , at all.


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