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Women Only, the pain of the "appliance"

Donna G

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I went shopping today at Catherine's. It is a store for the "full figured". I know I look petite, but I'm not. Well they were having a great sale , 50 % off for the second purchase etc. I asked the saleswomen " Per chance do you have any bra's that don't bind around the chest? " She answered do you have to have support?" I replyed " No, just no binding" She replyed "Have you tryed pasties?" Then the other clerk yelled " Male alert, Man in the store!!" I am still giggling, the thought of him picturing these full figured women with pasties.

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Hmmm...Kind of odd to ask if you needed "support" - why the heck would you wear something that constricts the chest, bites the flesh, chews the shoulders and is not comfy to sleep in?? Nah, don't need support, I'm into S&M - do you have one with underwires I can hook to jumper cables, for cripes' sake!

Pasties, huh? Try Fruit Roll Ups! Fashion colors, melt to fit, fruity smell... 8)

(Kinda like those skinny little things that work at Victoria's Secret in the mall and have NO idea what "needing" support is all about! Never trust a woman who urges you to try an expensive wedgie ~thong~ because they are SOOOOO comfy....uh-huh...like flossing my TEETH is comfy and I want to do the same for my OTHER cheeks....)

Been one of those days here....I'm getting grouchy in my old age! :wink:


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Somebody at work brought me a website that sells pasties...

I can't imagine wearing pasties...I think I will just continue to go braless. I went to the store on a mission a few weeks ago and bought a bra that was the right cup size but a size bigger and told myself that I was wearing it no matter what!! Well, the next 2 days I was so incredibly sore just from trying on a few bras that I didn't dare put it on. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can make it into a dog harness for my puppy.

I'm floored that I still can't wear a bra without paying the price by days of suffering. I really think that they should offer free breast enhancement with every lung surgery for women.... kind of like when banks used to offer a toaster if you opened a checking account. If women ruled the world, this would be so!! :wink:

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Hey! Just made up another story about the scar...

FIRST I told my husband if I lost another 20 pounds I'd get a leather halter top and if anyone asked about the scar, tell 'em I got it in a knife fight...

BUT, with all the pain I've had in the "bosom" after surgery, I'd SWEAR some unethical doctor is using a melon baller to take "donations" of natural looking synthetic breast material for wealthy clients looking to enlarge without silicone...

...and came to the NEW conclusion that the scar on my back was from the birthday present my husband gave me - a boob job! Of course, learning bargain shopping, he went to K-Mart and my blonde/Polish plastic surgeon went in on the WRONG SIDE!! :lol:


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(gasping for air)...I haven't laughed so hard in months......

Due to my prosthetic chest wall on the left, which is supposed to replace the 5 missing ribs, I have one that points forward (unaltered) and one that distinctly leans to port.

My favorite visual joke on this is, imagine if my surgeon were a fan of Picasso's (remember his eye painting?). I am soooo lucky....

The only bra I can wear is a sports bra, otherwise with no collarbone the strap falls down and drives me nuts.

I really like the one about the knife fight and leather halter.

Mine, I just figure for a shark bite.. and he spit it out.

For all I care he can have it, cause he could bite it off now and I wouldn't feel a thing... (still no nerves in that quad).

Enjoyed spending the time with you, ladies....



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I was watching the "View" on TV today and saw a segment on underware. Ladies, I saw a support that sticks on and can be worn 100 times and it costs $60. I missed the brand name and what it is called. At the end they said for more info go to ABC.com/view. I went to the site but they only have shows from last week listed. So I sent a "question" by email, now awaiting for reply. I will let you know. ..Donna G

Well the site is updated at 4pm eastern so I found it. Called "Nubra", and is sold at Bloomingdales, we have one of those at the Mall of Americal here. It is also available on line I found , it is strapless, and backless, silicone.

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Mary Ann I bought one!!! The Nubra! Now I can go out and buy and strapless, backless dress!!. How do you think a 56 yr old would look in one of them? Seriously Mary Ann if you get one , no problem with the strap falling off your shoulder because there are no straps,and no back either. Good luck Donna G

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