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Mark's Birthday..


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..Today has always been a special day for me, I would bake Mark a cake, make his favorite dinner and spend his Birthday having fun..

I miss his smile, his phone calls every day..I miss his laughter, his kindness, his advice..

I miss him being with me all the days of my life..

I miss working with him and laughing all day at the most dumb things..

I miss how he worried about me all the time..I miss my life, never to be the same again..

I miss the holidays with the family, Mark and I would always plan the meals and shop for the food..

I miss always getting Palms on Palm Sunday to bring to him..

I miss you Mark..You are the BEST brother!!

Happy Birthday in Heaven..

Love always,


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Thanks so much for all the kind words, as always..It was so easy to be a good sister to Mark because he was the BEST BROTHER!!!

My mother would always tell us when she was gone, we would always have eachother..Well we did, for a short time after her death..I guess The Good Lord needed Mark, I know the reason..

When Mark was young, he had a very serious kidney disease and a lack of platelets in his blood..He was not able to play like other children, so I was always by his side..I always watched over him like a big sister would and worry about him..

I guess his death hurts so much more, because I thought he would beat this MONSTER..I always knew I could take care of him no matter what the case might be..

This time, I could not win the fight..I tried and tried to give him strength and I know I did..He believed me when I would tell him he would get better..I really did believe that..I prayed morning, noon and night and surely thought Our Lord would not let me down..

I do realize how good The Lord was to me, how Mark could have suffered, and for that I will be eternally grateful..

I do have another brother and sister who I love dearly but no one will ever be Mark..We had a very special relationship, when my husband died my daughter was 3 months old and Mark was always there for me..

We went to her school plays together, and anything she had at school, Mark was always by my side..

He would help me shop for her birthday and Christmas, he always made sure Donna Marie would not miss the love of her father..She had the Best Uncle in the world..

She is now 21 and feels the pain of his loss, just as much as I do..

I was blessed for 50 years to have him by my side..All of you make so much sense when I read your posts..I don't understand why, it does not get any easier..

I know he is happy and healthy in Heaven with Our Lord, but some how I still feel cheated..I am sure as time goes by, the hurt will subside..

I have lost a mother, father, husband and not one of their deaths has affected me like Mark's..

Please pray for me, as I pray for all of you..I know God will give us all the strength we need to go on.. :cry:

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