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A friend recently gave me a copy of the book "Chicken Soup for the Grieving Soul". It had a beautiful quote which I actually typed out and put on the 'fridge.

"Life is short and meant to be experienced and celebrated every day that we're here. We have a choice in the death of those we love. To honor their death with anger, OR, To honor it with our life and living it to the fullest."

I think my sister would want me to choose the second option, since that's the way she lived her life. I think I'll give it my best try. Ellie

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If you love someone, you only want the best for them.

To live well after the death of a loved one is a tribute to their memory. Living well in no way means that you do not grieve that person, or miss them, or continue to love them deeply. To me, it means I am extremely grateful for the 26 wonderful, exciting and loving years I had with a smart, funny and kind man who was the epitome of a 'true gentleman'. I will miss him forever, but I will live well as a tribute to him.

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