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Mixed bag of results


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While the news wasn't what we had hoped for, it also wasn't too bad. Apparently my lungs are now clear except for the primary tumor, which is being stubborn. My last scans showed possible growth of that tumor, although very slight. The new scans basically showed the same. The good news is that if there's growth it is very small and everything else appears to be gone.

The plan is to do another round of Avastin and scan again in eight weeks. I'm feeling really well and my quality of life is great so I do not want to rush back to chemo quite yet.

So basically we are at the watch and wait stage. Spring is here and I'm feeling better than I was a year ago, we are very thankful for that.


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Hi, Tracy! As we're always told, stable is good, but it's only natural to want even better scan results -- especially when we think there's a chance of that because of how we're feeling.

Tomorrow (Monday) is my next CT scan, and I'm sure my thoughts mirror yours of a few days ago. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Tracy, I know this isn't as good a report as you wanted but it's far from being a bad one, either. Sometimes, these drugs just take their time in performing their magic. You're one tough cookie and I know your next report will be all you were hoping for this time. And, yes, stable is good.

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Your results although not perfect sound pretty good and I know how important it is with three kids to feel good. Continue to enjoy that feeling especially with the spring weather beginning. Hope to talk to you soon. Sending lots of hugs to you and your family and here is hoping your next scans are even better.


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