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For those of you who have been on decadron, how long did it take you to regain strength in your legs after coming off of it? I realize that not everyone has leg weakness but I guess I am looking for those of you who did. My mom had a brain met surgically removed in early March and has just finished up with the decadron this weekend. Today she says she feels like she is getting weaker. I told her it is probably from coming off the decadron but I hope that is all it is. She has a CT scan and MRI on Wednesday so I guess we will find out more then. Just wondering if any of you can shed some light on the situation. She has a really hard time with the stairs and lifting her legs. Her legs have gotten very thin. I think her doctor started weaning her off a little more quickly than originally intended too if that makes a difference.

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Hi there,

My Mom also had leg weakness while on and after decadron. She has been on and off it a while and will be going back on it again shortly. The weakness did resolve - it just takes a while. I think the decadron can impact your muscles pretty severely, which is why they try to get you on and off pretty quickly. At any rate, stay hopeful - the weakness should resolve in a reasonable amount of time. Mom could deal with the weakness because we were both so relieved it wasn't because of some larger underlying problem.


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