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What I miss the most about chemo


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Just so Ann doesn't think she has a monopoly on this sort of thing... :wink:

If you have been through a chemo program but are no longer on chemo (Avastin and Tarceva don't count), what do you miss about the "hard stuff"?

Going 4 months without needing to shave.

Your turn!

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From the response so far, it seems there's not too much anyone misses about chemo. But how about this...

Spending the day in a comfy recliner, reading or dozing or watching DVD movies or gazing out the picture window, being waited on hand and port by an attentive staff, eating what you want when you want, all without fear of multiple honey-do requests or being labeled a couch potato!

Now doesn't that sound inviting? Aloha,


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I miss being able to get ready in 15 minutes in the morning. Not having to do my hair really cut my morning routine time in half. I only recently have started blowdrying my hair again and it's funny how unnatural it feels.

I also miss having an excuse to just sit back in the afternoon and watch TV, I got hooked on Grey's Anatomy during chemo. I will admit though that I have spent a couple afternoons, post chemo, watching movies. Cancer has taught me to take a little more time for myself, something I never used to do.


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