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Proton Radiation Therapy

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Anyone has any experience about Proton therapy? I was told that proton therapy is only applied to Lung cancer without Mets. But I was also told by my cousin who has some knowledge of medical equipments that proton therapy might be good to bone tumors.


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CAn not be of assistance personally but can offer a little insight professionally; Try this Link;


is undergoing clicnical trials in us starting up currently so may not get too much info. I COULD BE WRONG THOUGH :) and hope I am. sending Prayers for good news and positive results of course

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Our rad. onc is in the process of bringing this to the OKC area soon, but told us recently that in Mom's case, even if we had it here already she would not be using it on her. She explained why, but I have since forgotten. Something about it being more appropriate in cancers of fixed locations, like prostate cancer. It is being used in LC, but something about the lungs moving with each breath...

It made sense at the time, but I'm not making sense now. Sorry. My SIL has done a lot of research on it, so I know there is a lot of info out there.

Good luck!

:) Kelly

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Since we are close to MD Anderson in Houston (6 hours drive) I called them and the representative and scheduler for the Proton Therapy was very nice and spent some time talking to me and answering my questions.

This Proton Therapy is quite new and it's only been in Houston since May 2006.

They don't treat metastatic cancers yet with this technology. She said maybe in the future.

The site that has the most experience is in CA at Loma Linda. Their web site says almost the same thing; they only treat Localized Cancers.

Proton Therapy is very precised and would seem like a good choice for boney spine mets but they don't do it yet.

Take care of yourself - Chanwit

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I think cyberknife is more accurate for lung tumors because it can track the movement of the tumor.

I looked into proton therapy at one point for my lung tumor because I was not sure I could get fiducials for cyberknife placed in the tumor. I found out that the proton therapy places won't treat a lung tumor that has been previously radiated with another form of radiation. My tumor was previously radiated with IGRT.

Don M

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