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My Dad - Any comments on PCI?


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Hi All,

Would love to hear from anyone out there that is familiar with PCI. I need to add his history below. But Started in early December with chemo/radiation. radiation 2x a day for 3 weeks and chemo for 4 weeks. Anyway, his tumor is gone, now he is going for PCI. He has 3 treatments left. He is all of a sudden in the last week VERY tired. He can't keep focused either. I am figuring the fatigue is from the Brain radiation. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much!

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Hi Karen,

My husband had 17 treatments of PCI and was somewhat fatigued throughout the time he received them. He felt better than expected though. He had finished his chest radiation in June 06 and his chemo in September 06 and started his PCI in Nov 06, so maybe the fact that it wasn't close together gave him time to recover in between. He he does well. God Bless.


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My dad too got really, really tired. He was in good spirits, but he was just exhausted. I think it seems that PCI does tend to do this. PCI is a great step, so I hope so very much that it continues to go well. Keep your chin up!


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Hi, Karen-

My wife, Bev, also had PCI as the final step in her treatments.She was very fatigued.

More than during her chemos and radiation. We think it was probably not only from

the PCI, but just the accumulation of effects from all the treatments. It took several

months to get through this period of fatigue.

She just had her scans last week. Still NED since completing PCI in March '05.

Hang in there!

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