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Side effect or something else?

Shelley (MLC)

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OK, here's something a little odd and I feel a little funny asking....but I will! Mom was experiencing jaw pain when chewing a couple weeks ago...No real pain or discomfort when swallowing, just chewing...Apparently her jaw was also tender to touch. This has not been present at all for the last 3 days but she didn't receive chemo for the past 2 weeks either, due to a low white count. She mentioned it to her Dr, but I don't believe he had any real answers. One of the people receiving chemo at the same time as mom today told her that they HAD experienced something like this during chemo. Anyone else???? Thanks! Shelley

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I've noticed a lot of tension in my jaw a few times - like I want to grind my teeth or something. Also, weird muscle/joint aches that go away within a week. Has it been very long that its been hurting? I've never had anything tender to the touch though. Could it be some sort of dental infection or something going on?

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