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Getting to Know You - April 3


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Sometimes, I think I'm just an accident waiting to happen. I think part of my problem is just getting too wrapped up in whatever I'm doing and not paying enough attention to detail. I've never had any bad accidents, just minor scrapes and bruises.

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When Mom first shaved all her hair off, I was going to shave mine to match. She told me not to because of all the scars on my head. :shock:

YESSS...I'm extremely accident prone!! Unfortunately, it wasn't until later years that I've gotten the ability to get my hands out in front of me, apparently...I always used to land on my head. :roll::roll: Mom says it explains alot :wink:

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I think I could be...

In fact, I have a good scrape on my hand now and I can't figure out where I got it from.

I have a daughter who is about the clumsiest they come.

She is like a puppy dog. Her feet are just a little too big for her body right now. :D

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Actually no. But I also had an incident involving the stairs last week.

I was walking down the stairs with a big frame in one hand and a book in the other. For some reason I missed the last 2 steps and would believe I landed on my knees with the fame(which was glass) and the book still in my hands.

My knees hurt but it was bearable, and they never turned black and blue. Could you imagine what if.... with the glass and all.

Of course I said, thank you G-d.

Maryanne :wink:

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